Monday, 6 May 2013

Travel Essentials

I know that school has started for us in the South, but I still wanted to make a travel related post because I am currently packing for my next travel adventure (in about 6 weeks!!!). After watching waay to many 'What's in my bag' videos, I realised that lots of people have an 'emergency kit' in which they put essential items that they may need at any time. These include things from pills to makeup, and I thought I would give you an insight to what I would bring.

1) You need a cute travel purse to put it all in. Some people might like it to be transparent or sheer, but personally I don't really mind. I just use a plain old one that was given to me on a flight once. has some really nice things.

2) Lucas's Paw Paw Ointment - I cannot say enough about this product. It does absolutely everything! I use it as a lib balm, and often for small cuts and things. I love a great multipurpose product, and this does the trick.

3) Band aids - No explaining necessary. :) I often use it in conjunction with the above. ^

4) Hair ties + bobby pins - Just in case I want my hair up and staying there. Usually, for sleepovers and such I'll bring this and it is quite handy.

5) Some makeup - I have some eyeliner ( L'oreal Eye Illuminator Eyeliner) lipgloss ( Stila lipgloss - the one I did a review on), and teeny tiny mini of J'adore by Dior. I think mum got it as a freebie from the duty free place when she bought a big bottle of it.

Aaaaand that's all! I hope this helped some of you guys and happy travelling to the travellers!



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